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Dating a shemale or transsexual is just like dating any woman. They need to be treated with love and respect. Above all, shemales do not want to be seen or used as sex objects. In fact, the term shemale is often taken offense to by transsexuals. This is because the term shemale was coined by the porn industry to sell transsexual media.

Shemales were born men who want to be women. Shemales strive to be feminine, beautiful ladies and that is why some of us find them more attractive than genetic girls or GG. While im telling you abbreviations here are a few: TS or Transsexual, TG or Transgender, TV or transvestite, CD or crossdresser.

If you want a shemale just for sex, you need to be sure that is what she is after as well. It will list on the shemale's dating profile what her interests are. Often times, guys will assume every tgirl on the shemale dating sites listed on local shemales is only after sex. Not all of the shemales or genetic girls that are listed at online dating sites are looking for a quick fuck. Some of them are looking for long term relationships, serious friendships and normal dating before hopping into the sack with a new guy. Again if you just want a quick fuck be sure to look for gals that are after casual sex rather than those who want ltr or long term relations.

If you are looking for a shemale to date for a discreet relationship then you will have an easier time. Just remember in your correspondence with her that she is a normal human being with real emotions. Be yourself and try not to be rude and you'll do just fine. Shemale dating isn't very different from traditional dating. Everyone is nervous about their first date but with the internet you can really get to know one another through emails and messenger programs. Even phone calls can be made before an actual face to face date with a shemale. Be careful when getting to know shemales online. Make sure you are not falling head over heels in love too quickly.

Shemale admirers are often rejected when approaching shemales in other places but not on the internet. Shemales on the dating sites are looking for new people to hookup with for whatever reason. They are after the same things as you so a date is painless to set up.

If you are interested in a shemale you can ask for photos or even see her webcam before you agree to meet in real life. This will prevent you from meeting someone you find unattractive or even worse a phony shemale. Sometimes crossdressers will say they are shemales when they are still living their lives as men and have not undergone hormone therapy or anything to become transsexual. I personally avoid these people but to each their own. Lots of people enjoy the company of crossdressers but not the author of this document.

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